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KodeKloud Engineer

"Work" in a company and perform real tasks on real systems.

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KodeKloud Engineer provides an environment for our students to gain real hands-on experience by working on real project tasks on real systems.


  • Real projects
  • No Pressure
  • Real roles
  • No Contract
  • Real scenarios
  • No Degree
  • Real systems
  • No Firing

How it works

You will signup as a System's Administrator for xFusion Corp Industries - a fictional company created as part of the KodeKloud Engineer program. You will be given a project breif and access to project documentation, architecture diagrams and systems. Once ready, you will be assigned various tasks that will need to be completed.

Roles & Responsibilities

Systems Administrator
  • Linux System Administration
  • Users & Groups
  • Filesystems
  • Storage, LVM
  • Packages
  • Services
  • Networking
  • IPTables
  • Firewalls
  • Deploy Simple Applications
DevOps Engineer
  • Deploy multi-tier applications Troubleshoot Issues
  • Develop Automation Playbooks
  • Build CI/CD Pipelines
  • Containerize Applications
  • Build Container Clusters
  • Deploy Monitoring Solutions
  • Regular Maintenance Activities
  • Guiding Systems Administrators
DevOps Architect
  • Design & Build Cl/CD Pipelines
  • Design & Build Kubernetes Clusters
  • Design & Develop Automation Solutions
  • Guiding Systems Administrator and DevOps Engineers
  • Troubleshooting Complex Topics

Every student gets a project dashboard of their own. It lists the total tasks assigned, their status and a summary of total tasks completed and experience gained.

Access the architecture diagram and identify the different systems involved and how they are connected with each other.

Work on real systems, and implement the requested changes. Access the systems right in your browser.

Access project documentation that includes server details, access credentials, architecture, software etc.



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Complete tasks, gain experience points and work your way to the top of the leaderboard. Start as Systems Administrator and get promoted to DevOps Engineer.

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